(In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

(In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

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Idiom Odds and ends/ Odds and sods Meanings

Idiom Odds and ends/ Odds and sods
The unimportant things,
Things which are not of use, Which do not need.
They took all their odds and ends with them. 

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Society remains backward without education. It is the most important duty of the government to provide opportunities for every member of society. To avail himself of these facilities is the moral duty of every citizen. Religious education is also very necessary along with the worldly education. The disease of modern age are the result of race for material gains. Everyone hankers after wealth.  All the spirtual values are disppearing by and by. All the friendships and relationships have fallen a victim of selfishness. In such a world, lucky are those who are contented and do their duties honestly.


Aalia prince said...

Taleen k baghair muashra taraqi nahi ker sakta. Yeh govt ka eham freeza hai k woh muashray kay her farad ko moqa day. In mawaqy say faida hasil kerna her shehri ka ikhlaqi faraz h. Dunyavi taleem kay sath sath rohani taleem ke bhi bahot zrurat hai. Dor-e-hazir ke bemarian madi fwaid k liye dor ka nateja hen. Her koi dolat samaitnay ke fiker men h. Tmam rohani iqdar aahista aahista khatam ho rahi hen. Tamam dostyan rishtay khud gharzi ka shikar ho chukay hen. Aisi dunya men khush qismat hen wo log jo qina'at pasand hen aur apnay fraiz Emandari say ada kertay hen.

waseem sajjad said...

I appreciate your interesting in blog.

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