(In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

(In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

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Meanings of DISLOYAL with examples

DISLOYAL (baywafa)
Adjetive:Not loyal,distrust,tiger Woods,


1Failing to be loyal to a person, country, or organization to which one has obligations: she was accused of being disloyal to the government[Late Middle English, from Old French desloial : des-, dis- + loial, loyal; see loyal.]

disloyal (dɪsˈlɔɪəl)
1. not loyal or faithful; deserting one's allegiance or duty
(Of a remark or thought) demonstrating a lack of loyalty: disloyal mutterings about his leadership


late 15th century: from Old French desloial, from des- (expressing negation) + loial 'loyal'.

American English: disloyal Someone who is disloyal to their friends, family, or country does not support them or does things that could harm them.She was so disloyal to her deputy she made his position untenable.

Example Sentences Including 'disloyal'

Danny avoided her eyes, inexplicably feeling guilty about sitting next to her, as if he -were somehow being disloyal to his wife.
Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice Dale Brown's Dreamland (5) STRIKE ZONE (2004)
The Jew, of course, and his friends the prostitute, the leper, the hangman, and the disloyal knight of the Round Table.
Killing the Buddha (2003)
For Bush, life is about loyalty, and anyone who discloses a secret is disloyal.
USA Today (2002)
Republicans considered the remarks disloyal because Mr. Bush had worked to help Mr. Specter overcome a tough primary challenge.
Washington Times (2004)

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