(In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

(In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

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What should do before applying google adsense

 Things that help for google adsense approvement.
Have your own blog or website?
You are looking forward to google adsense?
Don't worry Read the post and enjoy.
When i started blogging I was thinking that it is very easy to earn money on internet but a time arrived when i was tired. With the passage of time I have come to know that it is really simple and easy method to get money. It is difficult to get google adsense account for your blog or website but not imposible. I have made search on these topics on google and read more than 200 websites which explain the tips that can help for google adsense approvement.Google adsense is a source of earning Dollars on internet. The people whom have their own websites and they are earning money also, but they are unable to access the google adsense they are not expert blogger. They have no skills, they just know working on net. I can't accept them as expert bloggers.
Because the website or blog is that, which can be passed in the view of google adsense.
When I was unable to get google adsense account, I was started a  tour of search about these topics. I read day and night these topics on different websites. But i could not found the exact answer. I try again and again, read more websites and spend more time. I was thinking that i'm wasting my time but i was thinking wrong.
At a stage I get all information that a blogger has need. My first blog was going wrong because the posts of blogs were very short and i can not get adsense for my that blog.

I have given some tips, i hope you will be able to get google adsense account after following these tips:
1. You need 5000 words,
2. You need more than 10 posts.
3. Each post should contain more than 300 words.
4. You must apply for adsense after the six months of blog creating.
5. You must have 300 page views daily. (Pageviews should not be from your own browser)
6. Create simple blog so that people can easily get access to your blog.
8. Use navigation system. (Links, People can get access every post of your blog from your home page)
9. Create About us page. (Note: Give correct information about you, that you have used in google account)
10. Create Contact us page.
11. Create Privacy policy.
12. If you are using third party advertisement on your blog, remove all add before applying for google adsense.

If you have problem of getting traffic Read this post>>

After doing this, apply for google adsense your account will be approved. The main cause of blog failure is "getting high traffic".
If you have more than 2,000 page views daily google will ignore some of his terms, and your adsense will be approved. On the other hand If you have all things mentioned above, but you have no traffic your account will not be approved. So you should keep focus on getting traffic.
If you have any problem, don't hesitate by commenting.
Thanx by admin.

How to get 1000 visitors per day / daily

Every body is worried about his blog because he is not getting enough traffic to get google adsense account. I have suggested some usefull points by following these point you will be able to get more than enough traffic you desired. When I started blogging in 2010 I make a search on these topics but, beleive me i can't get 100 page views daily. It was hurting for me, because i was working through day and night. I worked hard but I fail to achieve my goal. Because it was very difficult, and i could not get help from blogger tips and tricks through google search. I read more than 12 hours a day, websites and bloggs to get traffic builder tips but I failed. At least I was so tired i gave up the work. For second time I started my work and I worked hard so that i would be able to get enough traffic, when i reached about 200-300 pageviews daily I applied for google adsense but unfortunately my account was disapproved. The reason was that "Your posts are so short that we can't get meanings. Your posts should be completely sentences and paragraphs." I was shocked because my 1 year work was ended without any reward. I start New blog and hard work and gave a little time to my this profession. At least after 8 months i was able to get google adsense account. Now i'm earning through google on my 2 blogs and this is my 3rd blog.
Have you same problem?
Don't worry!
I have solved this problem to get traffic you should be dtermined in your profession.
This is the common problem and main cause of failure of blogs.
Lets start from here!
Some people thought that they should change the name of their blog, some thought that it is imposible and some other thought their blog's posts are less than that of others.
This is not true. I'm about throwing light on the tips that can increase the traffic of your blogs.
1. First of all you need 100 unique posts on your blog.
2. A facebook page.
3. Your own cell-phone

How to work with these 3 steps:

Look at the step 2.

For example you have started a blog on 1-1-0001. Create a facebook page at the same time. I you have now a blog but not a facebook page don't waste your time. Create facebook page and start posting there. Facebook page is a powerfull source to boost your audience. After this you should be plan of target. You should daily post 2 or three pictures about your profession and 10 links of your facebook page in the comment box of other facebook pages that are matching your profession. You will get 10 likes daily. After a month your likes will be about 300-400, and after 6 months likes will be about 1500-2000.
Start boosting your blog. Daily make three or four pictures about your blog post and post them on facebook page with the link of your blog posts.
Now you are able to get 200 visitors with your facebook page.  You can gues that if there will be 200 visitors, how much page views would be? I think they will be about 500.
Your audience with facebook page is 500. It will be increased with the passing of times. More your f.b page likes more your traffic.
At 1-6-0001 you will be able to apply get enough traffic so that you can apply for google adsense.

Look at the step 3.

I'm going to explain the step 3.
If you have a cell phone with a sim card. You can use it as a advertising method. It is more powerful than that of other methods. I wanna tell you, when someone visit your blog throug the browser address bar ( visit direct your website without searching in the google) Your blog will be most popular in google. Google will be start displaying your blog in top of the search result list. Just write a message about your blog and send it to 100 contacts daily. You will not be able to get result of this method daily but after a month you will be able to note the progress.

Thanx by admin.



Abbreviations that start with Alphabet A


The most popular ABBREVIATIONS, All Abbreviations start with "A".
I'm going to tell you all abbreviations start with the alphabet "A".
A argon (element)
a. arrives, arrival
Al. first-class (ship, etc.)
A.B. able bodied seaman, (U.S.) B.A.
abbr. abbreviation , abbreviated as
A.B.C. The alphabet, Audit Bureau of Circulation, American Broadcasting Company, Argentine, Brazil & Chile
A.B.C.A. Army Bureau of Current Affairs
AC. alternating current, ante Christum (=before Christ), after Christ, Assistant Commissioner
Ac actinium (element)
a/c account
ack-ack anti-aircraft(gun or its fire)
A.D. anno Domini (=in the year of our Lord)
ad. advertisement
A.D.C. aide-de-camp.
Adj. Adjutant
adj. adjective
ad lib. ad libitum (i.e., to anydesired extent)
Adm. Admiral.
adv. adverb
advt. advertisement
A.E.C. Atomic Energy Commission
ae, aet. aetat: aetatis (e.e., aged)
Afr. Africa , African
A.F.L., A. F. of L. American Federation of Labour
Ag argentum; silver
A.H. anno Hegirae (in the year of the Hegira
A.I.G. Assistant Inspector-General
Al aluminium (element
Ala. Alabama (U.S. State)
Alas. Alaska (U.S. State)
A.M. (U.S.) M.A.
Am. Americium (element)
a.m., (also A.M.) ante-meridium (-before noon)
anon. (author) unknown; anonymous
ANZUS. Australia, New Zealand, & United States (Treaty)
A.P., A.P.A. Associated Press (of America)
A.P.P. Associated Press of Pakistan
App. Appendix
Apr. April
A.P.W.A. All-Pakistan Women's Association
Ar. Arabic
arith. arithmetic
Ariz. Arizona (U.S. State)
Ark. Arkansas (U.S. State)
A.R.P. air-raid precautions
arr. arrival ; arrives
A.S. Anglo-Saxon
As arsenic (element)
A.S.I. Assistant Sub-Inspector (esp. of police)
A.S.P. Assistant Superintendent of Police
Assn., Assoc. Association
Asst. assistant
At astatine (element)
Au aurum; gold (element)
Aug. August
A.V. Anglo-Vernacular, authorized version of The Bible
avdp. avoirdupois (weight)
Av., Ave. Avenue


Get Free Balance In Pakistan Without any registration

Dear readers....  


Get Free Balance Telenor, Mobilink, Zong, Ufone and Warid.

Aap jantay hen kay menay yeh blog entertainment aur information kay liye bnaya hai. Bahot kam waqat men meny yeh blog create kia hai aur is blog ko bahot pzirai mili hai...
Bahot see post hen is blog kay ander jin ko perh ker aap lutf andoz ho saktay hen. Is blog men jitni bhi post hen woh 100% guaranteed hen. Earn Money section men aap log mukamal tor per is websites ke developing ka maqsad perh sakty hen aur yehi maqsad her website ya blog ka hai siwaye business websites kay.
Aaj jo post aap perhnay ja rahay hen woh sirf  Pakistan men lago ho ge ager aap kisi aur mulak say tal'luq rakhtay hen to apna time waste nah karen..

I'm going to introduce a new scheme "Get Free Balance"
Kia aap free balance hasil kerna chahty hen?


1. Yeh scheme sirf pakistan men chalai gyi hay aur 100% guaranteed hai.
2. Is scheme kay zariye aap apnay mobile number per Free Balance jeet sakty hen.
3. Balance aap kay provided number per send kia jaye ga.
4. Her Sunday ko winners hmari site per announce kiye jayen gay.


1. Balance Weekly dia jaye ga jo kay her sunday ko transfer kia jaye ga.
2. Her 50 E-mails men say hum aik winner announce karen gay.
    (Note: Ager humen 50 E-mail milen ge to qurandazi kay zariye aik winner announce kia jaye ga, Ager 100 E-mails milen ge to 2 winners bzria qurandazi announce kiye jayen gay, isi tarah ager 500-Emails mosol hon ge to 10 winners announce kiye jayen gay yeh zaruri nahi kay her 50 E-mails
Men say 1 winner announce kia jaye Ho sakta hai 1000 E-mails men say pehli 10 E-mails waly winners hon.)
3. Ziada tarjeh un ko de jaye ge jo Hamari site daily visit karen gay (Mean: Jo daily hmari site pay aa ker E-mails karen gay, Lekin aik haftay men just 7 E-mails jo is say ziada E-mails karay ga us ko qurandazi men shamil nahi kia jaye ga)

What to do?

Steps To follow this scheme.

1. Is post kay end men diay gaye link per click karen.
2. Link per click kerny kay bad samnay aany waly page men correct information den.
3. Name waly box men apna poora nam likhen
4. E-mail box men apna E-mail address likhen.
5. Message men Facebook ID aur apna mobile number  likhen jis per aap balance hasil kerna chahtay hen.

Ager aap improve kerna chahtay hen to hmari site ke degar post perhen.

Ager aap apni qurandazi men shirkat kay chance berhana chahtay hen to is scheme kay bary men apnay friends ko btayen takay ziada say ziada E-mails wasool ho saken. Jitni ziada E-mails hon ge utnay he ziada winners hon gay aur jitnay ziada winners hon gay aap kay chances utnay he ziada hon gay.Kyun kay ager 50 E-mails men say aik winner select kia jaye ga aur ager E-mails 10,000 hon ge to 200 winners announce kiye jayen gay. (Shukria)
We are waiting for your E-mails and also for sunday.


Some Winners Name and Their F.b Profiles Pictures

girl with heart and flowers facebook profile pictures Mariam Batool
She had got Rs. 100 free Balance

funny cartoon facebook profile picturesAhmad shah
He had got Rs. 100 Free balance.

Sobia Nasreen
She had got Rs. 200 Free balance

Mehreen Nayab
She had got Rs. 50 Free balance.

Raza Mukhtar
He had got Rs. 100 Free Balance

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