(In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

(In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Urdu Poetry of Allama Iqbal

Ghulami Mein Na Kaam Ati Hain Shamsheerain Na Tadbeerain
Jo Ho Zauq-E-Yaqeen Paida To Kat Jati Hain Zanjeerain

In slavery, neither swords or plans are effective,
But when the taste for certainty is created, then the chains are cut.

Koi Andaza Kar Sakta Hai Uss Ke Zor-E-Bazu Ka !
Nigah-E-Mard-E-Momin Se Badal Jati Hain Taqdeerain

Can anyone even guess at the strength of his arm?
By the glance of the man who is a true believer even destiny is changed.

Walayat, Padshahi, Ilm-E-Ashiya Ki Jahangeeri
Ye Sub Kya Hain, Faqat Ek Nukta-E-Aeeman Ki Tafseerain

Empire, sainthood, the knowledge of things which holds the world in its sway—
What are they all? Only commentaries on one small point of faith.

Baraheemi Nazar Paida Magar Mushkil Se Hoti Hai
Hawas Chup Chup Ke Seenon Mein Bana Leti Hai Tasweerain

But it is difficult to create the insight of Abraham (A.S.);
Desire insidiously paints pictures in our breasts.

Tameez-E-Banda-O-Aaqa Fasad-E-Admiyat Hai
Hazar Ae Cheerah Dastan! Sakht Hain Fitrat Ki Taazirain

The distinction of servant and lord has put mankind into turmoil;
Beware, oh powerful ones; the penalties of nature are harsh.

Haqiqat Aik Hai Har Shay Ki, Khaki Ho Ke Noori Ho
Lahoo Khursheed Ka Tapake Agar Zarre Ka Dil Cheerain

There is one reality for everything, be it of earth or fire;
The blood of the sun will drip, of we split the heart of an atom.

Yaqeen Mohkam, Amal Peham, Mohabbat Faateh-E-Alam
Jahad-E-Zindagani Mein Hain Ye Mardon Ki Shamsheerain

Firm certainty, eternal action, the love that conquers the world—
These are the swords of men in the holy war of life.

Cha Bayad Mard Ra Tabaa-E-Bulanday, Mashrab-E-Naabay
Dil-E-Garmee, Nigah-E-Pak Beenay, Jaan-E-Betabay

What else does man need but a lofty spirit and pure character,
A warm heart, a pure‐sighted eye and a restless soul?

Auqabi Shan Se Jhapte The Jo, Bebaal-O-Par Nikle
Sitare Sham Ke Khoon-E-Shafaq Mein Doob Kar Nikle

Those who rushed forward with the splendor of the eagle emerged plucked of their wings and plumage;
The stars of evening sank in the blood of the sunset but rose again.

Huway Madfoon-E-Darya Zair-E-Darya Tairne Wale
Tamanche Mouj Ke Khate The Jo, Ban Kar Guhar Nikle

Those who swam under the sea were buried by the ocean,
But those who suffered the buffeting of the wave arose, and became pearls.

Ghabar-Ereh Guzar Hain, Keemiya Par Naaz Tha Jin Ko
Jibeenain Khak Par Rakhte The Jo, Ikseer Gar Nikle

Those who prided themselves on their alchemy are the dust of the wayside;
Those who kept their forehead upon the dust emerged as the makers of elixir.

Hamara Naram Ro Qasid Peyam-E-Zindagi Laya
Khabar Deti Theen Jin Ko Bijliyan Woh Be-Khabar Nikle

Our slow‐running messenger brought the tidings of life;
Those to whom the lightning gave news emerged unknowing.

Haram Ruswa Huwa Peer-E-Haram Ki Kam Nigahi Se
Jawanan-E-Tatari Kis Qadar Sahib-E-Nazar Nikle

The Shrine was disgraced by the lack of foresight of the old keeper of the shrine;
But how our Tartar heroes emerged as young men of vision!

Zameen Se Nooriyan-E-Asman Parwaz Kehte The
Ye Khaki Zinda Tar, Paenda Tar, Tabinda Tar Nikle

Those who soar aloft and light the sky say this to the earth,
‘These earth‐bound creatures emerged more lively, more stable and more shining.’

Jahan Mein Ahl-E-Aeeman Soorat-E-Khursheed Jeete Hain
Idhar Doobe Udhar Nikle, Udhar Doobe Idhar Nikle

In the world, the people of faith live like the sun;
Here they sink, there they arise, there they sink, here they arise!

Yaqeen Afrad Ka Sarmaya-E-Tameer-E-Millat Hai
Yehi Quwwat Hai Jo Soorat Gar-E-Taqdeer-E-Millat Hai

The certainty of individuals is the capital for building the community;
This is the power which draws the portrait of the fate of the community.


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